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Kim Kardashian blames Kanye’s behavior on aggressive photographers

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is used to photographers following her around all times of the day, including before and after the gym, and as she is attending events. However, it sounds like her boyfriend Kanye West isn’t doing so well with the extra attention. He manages to keep a low profile in Paris when he is there recording his new album, but it sounds like he can’t get a moment to breathe when he is with him. Just last week, he managed to bump his head on a street sign as he was trying to flee from photographers, causing him to lash out. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on May 14, Kim Kardashian is now blaming the paparazzi on Kanye West’s outbursts, because she thinks that photographers are getting too aggressive now that she is pregnant.

After announcing that she had gotten pregnant with Kanye West’s child, it sounds like photographers would do anything to get a picture of Kim. And while she can handle the drama, it sounds like Kanye can do nothing but lash out at others. He does have an aggressive personality, something that Kim has to deal with. And his aggressive personality has been questioned b Kim’s family, as they are worried about how violent he is.

Do you think that he is just acting out because he is worried about Kim’s well-being, given she is carrying his child? Or do you think that he does have an aggressive personality around Kim, which photographers are now catching?