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Kim Kardashian blackface: Man dons blackface, pretends to be Kanye West

Kim Kardashian did not have a good time at the Vienna Opera Ball.
Rex USA - Willi Schneider

Kim Kardashian was looking to have a good night at the Vienna Opera Ball on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, but her evening was ruined by a white man who showed up in blackface, pretending to be Kanye West. US Magazine reported that he actually approached her at the event and said that he was her husband.

Austrian businessman Richard Lugner Kim Kardashian $500,000 to be his date to the ball. He has a history of attending the Vienna Annual Opera Ball with well-paid starlets on his arm.

Kardashian was apparently taking pics with Lugner when a man ran up to her, dressed completely in blackface, and acted like he was Kanye West. She was not pleased with the situation and walked away from him, but she was still due to stay at the ball for another 90 minutes.

The fake Kanye wasn't done though as he came back up to Kim and reportedly asked Kim to dance. She told him she wasn't a good dancer, and the guy responded by saying that he would dance with her if the orchestra would play "N****rs in Vienna."

Kardashian said a number of other problems went on in her night as well.

She said that Lugner was rather aggressive with her and would grab her and pull her away from her security. Kardashian insists that Lugner was attempting to be alone with her.

Lugner later did an interview saying "Kim is annoying me." He was apparently not happy that she didn't complete her scheduled night.

Her reality show was there with their cameras so this appears to have gotten all caught on tape.

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