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Kim Kardashian asks for help: Hair color a beauty dilemma for this beauty

Kim Kardashian is the reality TV star of the show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” who not so long ago changed her long, thick flowing hair color from her natural color of brownish-black to blonde.

Blonde or brunette....that is the question!
Pascal Le Segretain and Mike Coppola / Getty Images

On Feb. 3 she sent out a request to her friends on her personal Twitter account asking what she should do with her hair. It seems that when she was a brunette she was doing just fine. After dying her hair blonde she took on not just a new look but a new way of looking at herself. Now for whatever reason she colored her hair back to match her natural roots and is regretting that decision.

Her tweet stated: “I'm missing my light hair! HELP!!! What do I do? Go light again or stay dark and get used to it?”

What are fans thinking? Do they feel she portrays a better look with blonde hair or her natural color?

Not too long ago Kim Kardashian was suffering from severe hair loss. Photos online showed large masses of hair clumps missing from her hairline. It may have been too soon to undergo a coloring treatment when she dyed her hair blonde. Now that she is brunette again not too long after going blonde with much of her hair that hasn’t grown back again it definitely seems too soon to go through yet another beauty treatment to change the color back to blonde again.

Changing her hair color again may be the worst thing she could do. There is so much damage done already to her long hair that treating it once again could cause irreversible damage that may take quite a long time for the star to recover from. For one in the limelight all the time she should think twice about making yet another change and have a serious talk with her hairdresser instead of asking fans for advice since she/he is the one experienced in cosmetology.

Which color did you prefer – blonde or brunette?

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