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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get married today

Kim Kardashian have a blast before wedding vows
Instagram & wikimedia

Today from Los Angeles, Calif., to Italy, and let’s not forget France, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will finally settle down and tie the knot in an evening wedding, noon local time (ET). Although none of the details of the event have been released, surely most could only imagine a wedding to be divine with Kim and Kanye’s taste.

Since the arrival of the blissful couple, their family and other wedding party guests, social media and news outlets have been busting with photos and frothing at the mouth for every detail. Yesterday, May 24, family members and A-list guests started to finally arrive. The adventures before the wedding have been heavily-narrated by Kim and her posse on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. And, by the way, what are those tiny gold lights in the photo Kim snapped overlooking a formal garden? Her Instagram said, “little angels in the sky blessing us #TheyDidn’tShowUpInAnyoneElsesPicture #Valentino.” The photos not only depict stunning jaw dropping scenery, but the fashion is A-mazing!

Kim wore this spectacular form-fitting dress, embroidered, and simply sophisticated with a capital S (for stunning). Honestly, though -- Kim makes any thread look beautiful. Apparently she is so in love with this dress she tweeted, “thank you @orousteing & balmainparis for this amazing dress!!! Such beautiful details!” As Kim Kardashian finalizes all the wedding details, and enjoys time with family before tying the knot, she and Kanye were able to visit Valentino (godfather of fashion) -- and not just a quick visit; Kim and Kanye had lunch at his castle, Chateau de Wideville, along with family members, according to TMZ.

Of course the Kardashians have also been spotted enjoying some of the best dining in Paris, according to E online. Apparently the sisters, family, and friends dined at the Costes restaurant in France. E online’s source said, “there were around 14” guests, and, of course, all the sisters looked stunning; the total bill amounted to $3,282 in U.S. dollars -- yes, that included champagne. And in just a few more hours Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have their wedding, but no one knows the actual location. News reports indicate it’s either Florence, or Versailles. Where do you think it is?

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