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Kim Kardashian adopt: 'KUWTK' star wanted to bring little girl home from trip

Kim Kardashian
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian wanted to bring a little girl named Pink home with her from a vacation to Thailand. Last night on the new episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" viewers watched it all go down. On Monday, ABC News shared about how it all went down on the show last night.

The family went to an orphanage to meet the kids and give them a free gifts. Kim met Pink and she fell in love with her. She even said, "I literally cannot stop thinking about her. I told Kanye, I was like, 'Honestly, this girl is so sweet and so cute. ... I would totally adopt her." Kim took it as far as to ask about how it works adopting kids from Thailand, but it is really hard to do.

Her mom Kris Jenner then explained that adopting her isn't the only option. She said, "You get very passionate about things and then you don't think about the whole thing through. I bet there are other things that you could do that would make all the difference in this little girl's life... without bringing her home." It is great that Kim is willing to help her.

Later in the show, the family went back and took gifts to the children. They also actually brought them a pool to use to cool off and a package for each child. Kim can't adopt this little girl but she can still help her a little bit and that is what she is doing.

Kim Kardashian went to her Twitter and shared a lot of photos from her trip. She didn't speak out about if she is still working with Pink and this orphanage at all. Hopefully Kim has continued to send items to them and she can still have a bit of a relationship with Pink without actually adopting the little girl and bringing her home with her.

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