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Kim K. hair: Kim K. takes hair back to the dark side

Kim Kardashian says "I'm back"
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim K.'s hair is dark once again. The reality star changed up her locks and did away with her lighter hue. On Feb. 3, Huffington Post reported that Kim Kardashian said that her new look may not last because she "loved" being blonde. Kim is always changing up her look and she seems to like to experiment with her hair (like a lot of girls do).

Kim's blonde hair after baby surprised a lot of people but she didn't bleach her whole head -- it was more of an ombre and it looked really nice. The lighter strands complimented Kim's complexion and she totally pulled off the look.

Kim K.'s hair looks great no matter what. She can go really dark -- almost jet black -- or she can add some auburn/lighter brown which is sort of how it is now. She also pulls off red really well and, as previously discussed, the blonde looked really good too. Kim likes to experiment and there's nothing wrong with that. If she doesn't like a look, she can always try something else -- it's one of the perks to having a lot of money.

Do you like Kim Kardashian as a blonde or do you prefer her as a brunette?

How do you think Kim K. should wear her hair?

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