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Kim K. difficult pregnancy: Kim K. opens up about pregnancy experience

Kim K. had a difficult pregnancy and she opened up about her experience on "Ellen" last week. The reality star said that she'd love to have "a million kids" after giving birth to daughter North but it's not that easy. On Jan. 20, MSN posted a video from Splash News that summed up Kim's explanation about her pregnancy and some of the issues that she experienced.

Kim gained a lot of weight while pregnant which was really hard for her mainly because of the scrutiny. She was very uncomfortable and she had a tough time really adjusting to her bigger figure. Kim also revealed that she had preeclampsia which ultimately caused her to deliver early (approx. 5 weeks early).

Kim K.'s difficult pregnancy may have had some positive aspects, but Kim said that things were completely different for her than they were for her sister, Kourtney. She might have expected to have an easy pregnancy not unlike Kourtney's but that just didn't happen for her. Kim even thought that her mom had it easy -- all six times!

"The pregnancy... I really wouldn't wish that upon anyone. I mean, it's all worth it in the end so I would definitely suffer through that, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me. At all," Kim told Ellen. See the rest of her interview in the video above.

Kim K.'s difficult pregnancy had a very sweet reward and Kim will likely get pregnant again -- but it's going to be a while before that happens. For now? Kim and her beau, Kanye West, are focusing on their daughter -- and their upcoming wedding supposedly set for this summer.

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