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Kim Jung Un uncle's execution: Naked and eaten alive by 120 dogs claims report

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Kim Jong Un’s uncle was gruesomely executed when he was put to death last month. Reports coming from a newspaper in China say that Jang Song Thaek, who was Kim Jong Un’s second in command, was stripped naked and thrown into a cage with “a pack of ravenous dogs,” according to NBC News on Jan. 3.

The uncle had been found guilty of trying to overthrow the state, so he was given the punishment of a painful and gruesome death. Reports say there were 120 dogs that Kim's uncle was attacked by in that cage. The official word from the North Korean’s back on Dec. 12, did not give the specifics of Kim’s uncle’s death. All that was released to the public was that the man was executed.

The paper reports that Kim and his brother “supervised” the death of their uncle, which took an hour. This is the same man that Dennis Rodman thinks is a nice guy and a man the former basketball great calls his friend. What will he think about his good friend today after hearing this latest report?

Kim’s uncle was also accused of drug use, womanizing, gambling, and corruption. Kim’s government referred to the leader’s uncle, who up until this point was a powerful man, as “despicable human scum.”

The uncle married into the family as he was the husband of Kim’s aunt, who was the younger sister of his father.