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Kim Jong Un: Watch Dennis Rodman serenade N. Korea leader for his birthday

Dennis Rodman's strange friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is growing stronger all the time, and it's recently gotten even weirder. The Washington Post reported on Jan. 8, 2014, that Rodman helped Kim Jong Un celebrate his 31st birthday by watching a basketball game and by singing "Happy Birthday" to the young leader.

Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman have become close friends.
The Telegraph

Video has gotten out of Rodman going on the court at a Pyongyang stadium basketball game between former NBA stars and a team from North Korea. The video shows Rodman dedicating the game to his "best friend" Kim Jong Un.

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The capacity crowd of about 14,000 clapped very loudly as Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" to the young leader before the game began.

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Rodman has said that the game is part of his "basketball diplomacy" with the North. This is a situation that has been heavily criticized and looked down upon by the United States.

The game included Rodman along with former NBA players Cliff Robinson, Vin Baker, Doug Christie, Charles D. Smith, Craig Hodges, and Kenny Anderson.

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