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Kim Jong Un warns weathermen about incorrect forecasting: Eerie weather warning

Kim Jong Un warns the weathermen of his country to predict the weather with more accuracy.
Wikimedia Commons

When Kim Jong Un spews out a warning to North Koreans, they more than likely take heed. There are plenty of consequences to reference from the past done at Kim's command when something doesn't go his way. He had his own uncle fed to starving dogs at the beginning of this year, so when he passed a warning on to the meteorologists of North Korea, they are more than likely a bit worried.

According to Fox News on June 12, Kim is fed up with inaccurate weather forecasting. He is saying that he wants accuracy to guard his countrymen from weather tragedies, but most of Kim's demands center around something to benefit him. In this case maybe is he taking up golf or he's embarking on a new hobby outside.

Kim, who is one of the world's most controversial leaders, inherited his power when his father died in 2011. He is the third generation of his family to rule the land. He is considered an unstable dictator and he is feared by the people he rules over. He has had many innocent people killed and he's snubbed his nose at the rest of the world when it comes to his manufacturing nuclear weapons.

Forecasting the weather and being accurate at doing so is not an easy feat, even with the newer Doppler weather radar and the latest instruments that technology offers. The meteorologists who just received this warning from Kim are working with an antiquated system for predicting the weather.

As USA Today suggests, "Kim Jong Un is really mad at his weathermen." While touring the centers around North Korea that forecast the weather, he reportedly took some employees "to task" about their weather predicting.

The Washington Post points out that it is more than apparent that the weathermen are now under strain. This can be seen on the faces of those reprimanded by Kim in pictures posted online. The pictures also show Kim as "red faced," much like you'd expect to see on a man who is angry and possibly yelling.

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