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Kim Jong Un angry over Seth Rogen movie: North Korean leader claims 'act of war'

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North Korea's Kim Jong Un has some harsh words for American actors Seth Rogen and James Franco. The despot has condemned their upcoming film about none other than the comedic assassination of Kim Jong Un. Now the controversial leader is making some threats. According to Time on Wednesday, Kim Jong Un is demanding that the United States stop the release of the upcoming film "The Interview."

According to the communist dictator, release of the upcoming Rogen/Franco film will be viewed as an "act of war." Kim Jong Un has promised that if nothing is done to stop the release of the film, there will be "merciless" retaliation on the U.S. A statement from Jong Un was released through North Korea's state run KCNA news calling the movie "a wanton act of terror."

It's pretty clear why Jong Un is upset but this is a pretty strong stance to take on a comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. The two comedians are known for pushing the envelope. This time they might have received a bigger reaction than they anticipated.

"The Interview" starring Seth Rogen and James Franco is about two reporters who land an interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The premise of the comedy is that the pair will use the interview as an opportunity to assassinate the much despised leader. Of course it is a comedy and hilarity will ensue. The problem is that the butt of the joke is Kim Jong Un and he isn't laughing.

Seth Rogen has responded to the dictator's condemnation via social media. Rogen tweeted "Apparently Kim Jong Un plans on watching #TheInterview. I hope he likes it!!" That's pretty light hearted considering that the angry party has access to nuclear weapons and doesn't seem to mind killing people.

It is unclear at this point how Kim Jong Un's threat will be handled by the U.S. Given the strained relations between the United States and North Korea, the threat certainly cannot be ignored but Kim Jong Un also can't be allowed to make demands on other countries over a Seth Rogen film either.

"The Interview" is due in theaters in October. How do you think the U.S. should handle threats of retaliation upon release of a comedy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.