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Kim Culbertson's "Catch a Falling Star" will captivate all stargazers

Can you really catch a falling star?  Look up to the skies because this is where we hope and dream.
Can you really catch a falling star? Look up to the skies because this is where we hope and dream.

Kim Culbertson’s “Catch a Falling Star” shares the story of small-town Northern California girl, Carter Moon, and big-time Hollywood star, Adam Jakes, and the unlikely partnership they form to repair his bad boy image.

Adam isn’t the only one with situations he is trying to repair, though. As readers learn about Carter’s life, it is not as simple or as straightforward as it seems. Culbertson’s imagery and writing showcase a complex history and the hope for a better future, even if her characters don’t have all the answers:

“Next to me, the moon shimmered in shattered pieces of glass on the ground, the sky insisting on its beauty even in the broken places.”

As Carter works through the scripted romance that Adam’s business manager has put into place, she becomes privy to a world that looks glamorous from the outside, but is it really?

Her own experience in a competitive world has left her with a bad taste:

“It’s like the higher up you go, the crazier the people get who show up alongside you. Anytime the stakes are too high, I just don’t like the company around me. It’s like there’s some sort of fast pass for narcissists that exists when there’s a winner on the line.”

So when one of Carter’s close friends asks Adam what it’s like to be famous, his answer is succinct in responding “very lucky and very lonely.” Not everyone can be in this world of fame and fortune, and Carter sees the toll it takes on the people who are lucky enough to be in it, as well as the ones striving to be in it.

The real problem is that it’s hard for Carter to tell: is Adam acting with her because there are some parts that feel awfully real. Will she able to sort out her feelings before it’s too late? When his blue eyes are pulling her in like a “whispered secret,” will her heart survive?

The references to the Northern California setting, nearby Lake Tahoe, and even the 49ers would make any NorCal fan proud, but it’s the celestial references, tidbits, and anecdotes that create the stunning backdrop of this story.

“…Stars give people a chance to imagine their own possibilities; they provide a reminder that each of us has the capacity to make our best future, to find our purpose.”

In fact, I think you’ll enjoy the book so much, you’ll want to chat about it with others. There’s a great opportunity to do so on June 16th at Books Inc. Palo Alto, as Culbertson will be chatting with members of NYM(A)BC! Pick up a copy of this book, read, read, read, and then come join us for the book talk in Palo Alto’s Town and Country.

The 411 on the book talk

WHO: Kim Culbertson

WHAT: Discussing her book "Catch a Falling Star"

WHEN: Monday, June 16th

WHERE: Books Inc., 74 Town and Country Village, Palo Alto, CA

WHY: You are going to love this book and will want to chat about it with someone!

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