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Killzone 3 Uses 100% of PS3's Power

Guerilla Games

Killzone 2 is arguably one of this generation's better-looking games. If you've never played it, shame on you. Check out this video to see for youself. As stunning as Killzone 2 looked, Arjan Brussee, director of production in the game, revealed that Killzone 2 was only using 60% of the PS3's available power in the GPU and SPU. Killzone 3, on the other hand, apparently uses 100% of the PS3's Cell Proessing power.

Earlier today in London, Guerilla Games revealed some impressive figures for their upcoming FPS: The game will run at a resolution of 1280x720p -- stating that 1080p isn't possible due to the amount of on-screen textures and particle effects. Killzone 2 also ran at 720p, and this certainly didn't hurt its visual fidelity. Killzone 3 uses 3X more polygons than Killzone 2, and has a draw distance three times greater, as well. And the Killzone 3 Blu-Ray is sporting a whopping 43.8 Gigs of data. Not too shabby.

The game hits North American shelves on February 22nd. Gamestop has a decent pre-order deal right now, if that's your thing. Stay tuned to Examiner for more details and a full review.

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