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Killzone 3 Scores Lower than Killzone 2

Throwing Frag!
Throwing Frag!
Guerrilla, Sony

According to Metacritic, Guerrilla's upcoming PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3, is scoring lower than its predecessor. Killzone 2, released two years ago, scored a 91, based on 95 Critics. As of right now, Killzone 3 is scored at a very respectable 86, based on only 35 Critics.

Said Playstation Lifestyle, "Killzone 3 is the ultimate ending to a new form of sci-fi epic. It is a story of interpersonal conflict and struggle more than two civilizations at war. By taking full advantage of the PlayStation 3 Guerrilla Games has created an expansive world and proves that even shooters can have a compelling narrative With plenty of variety to keep the action fresh throughout the entire campaign, it never feels tiresome."

On the other end of the spectrum, Joystiq said, quote, "No amount of 3D waggle can change the fact that the Killzone 3 campaign is a miserable experience. Killzone 3 certainly offers more bells and whistles than its predecessor -- it's just a shame they've been affixed to an inferior game."

You can decide for yourself when the game hits store shelves next Tuesday (February 22nd).

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