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Killzone 3 multiplayer goes free. Sort of.

It's going free next week.
It's going free next week.
Guerilla Games

Over on the Official Playstation Blog is a podcast with a suprising announcement; the Sony flagship first person shooter, Killzone 3, is going to release its online multiplayer component as a free-to-play game next week. The emphasis here is on the multiplayer, the single-player campaign will not be available as part of this offer. Playstation 3 owners looking to try this out for themselves only have to wait until the February 28th Playstation Store update to see whether or not Killzone 3 is for them.

The free version of Killzone 3's multiplayer will have an as yet unspecified level cap. However, for $14.99, people that like what they see can buy the multiplayer component ONLY and have unrestricted access to all the multiplayer content of Killzone 3.