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Killing of 3 daughters: Carol Coronado faces murder charges as family grieves

A mother's killing of three daughters has left a community reeling as people wonder what happened. Carol Coronado is believed to have killed all three of her young children Tuesday, and CNN shared the latest details.

Woman accused of killing 3 children faces murder charges
Screencap via video

According to CNN, the oldest of the girls was 3 years old and the youngest was just 2 months. The killing of the three daughters was discovered after family members told police Coronado had killed her children. The woman was found naked and holding a knife while the three girls were found lying in a pool of blood.

So, what led to this? Nobody seems to know for certain as of yet. The father of the three young children was working on a car across the street when the tragedy took place. Reports indicate that Carol had called her mother earlier in the day saying that she was going crazy. Neighbors praise the woman for the love and happiness that seemed prevalent with the family. Once taken in to custody, however, Coronado was said to be stone-faced. She was taken to the hospital and has since been booked on murder charges.

Given the young age of the infant many online are wondering if perhaps post-partum psychosis came into play in this tragic situation, but nothing of that nature has been revealed by authorities or the family as of yet. The one thing that is clear is that the killing of the three daughters seemingly caught everybody who knew the family by surprise and has left a family and community heartbroken.

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