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Killian wins ugly versus Carol City

Carol City on a drive
Carol City on a drive
Eric L Labrador, Cell phone

A game that started off explosive, was slowed by pre-snap penalties and personal fouls ended in a ugly, hard-fought 20-16 win for Killian over Carol City at Tropical Park stadium, Saturday night. The opening kickoff was returned 89 yards for a TD by the Chiefs and Killian capitalized on a fumbled backward pass to return it for a nine yard touchdown to open the scoring. Carol City on the succeeding drive after the score had their punt blocked and recovered at the one yard line where Killian scored to go up 13-7. Carol City got a safety to go into the half at 13-9 and scored in the second half after going for it on fourth down to go up 16-13. Killian finally ended the scoring by returning an interception 53 yards for a touchdown to win the game. Rewind back to the opening kickoff of the game where Killian was called for a false start penalty and on the succeeding kickoff the special teams crew was called for Delay of Game. Carol City couldn't move the ball for four straight series, until quarterback Stephen Calvert awoke in the second quarter by passing out of the shotgun set.

Killian couldn't find a quarterback the entire night that could hold onto the snap from center as they had numerous fumbled snaps which stopped momentum on drives and lead to opposition scores. At the start of the third quarter, the game was stopped due to a personal foul/unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on a Carol City player which gave 30 yards to Killian and rescued them from a 1st and 15 at their own 13. And as much as Stephen Calvert showed off his arm on beautiful throws--a 10 yard pass on third down at his own 9 to convert for a first, a 46 yarder on 3rd & 23 to convert, a 10 yard TD pass on a roll out away from pressure to an undefendable spot for the wideout to catch the ball, he threw three interceptions forcing the ball and was sacked numerous times trying too hard to make a play. Killian on offense had difficulty completing passes all night and in their quarterback shuffle gained running yardage, but their defense fought hard all game long. In the game of football though, there will be game as such and a good team will understand that it is recorded as a win and that is all. Carol City plays again on Thursday versus South Dade at Traz Powell (7:00 p.m. start) and Killian plays South Miami on Friday night at Tropical Park Stadium, 7:30 p.m.