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Killers want to know drug supplier before execution – how about six bullets?

Two Texas Death Row Inmates sue over lethal chemicals used for execution
Two Texas Death Row Inmates sue over lethal chemicals used for execution
Photo Credit - Press TV

Two Texas death row inmates have filed a lawsuit to prevent their execution before they know who is supplying the lethal drugs that will dispatch them to their maker, according to the Chron. The lawyers for convicted murderers Tommy Lynn Sells and Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas filed a state lawsuit which demanded that the supplier company for the pentobarbital, the sedative the state uses for lethal injections not be given to them. Unless the state complies, their fatal dirt nap will not be truly complete for them.

Unfortunately this has become a trend of sorts since recently inmates in Oklahoma also filed for a stay of execution because they too did not know what company was supplying the lethal execution chemicals. In both cases the murder row inmates claim that their dainty little minds cannot be subjected to “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” by not knowing the supplier’s name.

All of the victims of the two killers on death row were certainly not afforded the same compassionate consideration that these two heinous felons are given by Texas. These bona fide killers were scheduled to be put to death April 3rd for Sells and April 9th for Hernandez-Llanas.

Sells was condemned to die for the vicious slashing of two girls’ throats in 1999, where one of the girls died. Hernandez-Llanas beat to death a ranch owner in 1997 and was condemned to death for his vicious handiwork. Yet both are raising an U.S. Constitutional 8th Amendment defense that their executions will subject them to, “their executions will subject them to cruel and unusual pain,” reported the Chron.

It appears that their primary worry concerning the lethal chemicals that will be used to execute them is the, “the drugs come from, and the purity, potency and integrity of those drugs.” Well, here a Texas-size solution. Take both out into the middle of the prison yard and bring in some Texas Rangers and let them use pure lead bullets to dispatch both to the grip of the grave. Potency varied by Smith & Wesson.

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