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'Killer Women' fans extremely upset over ending and cancellation

Tricia Helfer
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This week ABC aired the last episode of "Killer Women" and fans of the show are really upset with how it all ended and the fact that it was canceled. On Feb. 19, the fans were all over Facebook talking about how they felt.

Everyone that was watching this show was invested in it, but ABC didn't air the ending in order. They decided to cancel it and not air all of the episodes. They actually skipped a few episodes and this made things not air in order. Nobody can understand why they would do that considering that once you watch a show you are invested in it and want to see how it ends.

Several fans are saying they thought they missed episodes, but that is not what happened. ABC just chose not to air all of "Killer Women" and aired the final episode last which means some were never shown and it just didn't make sense at all. ABC may lose some fans over this decision. Fans will never know what happened to Molly's niece.

"Killer Women" will not be returning at all to ABC. This show is over and fans are going to miss it.

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