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Killer whale attack footage: Would we still care if Dawn Brancheau were not white, blonde & pretty?

For starters, here's a link to the CBS coverage of the killer whale attack that Dawn Brancheau. It's fairly complete - and graphic.  Nothing like graphic footage of tragedy to drive traffic to your web page.

Now here's my point, and I do have one. I just can't help but wonder if the outpouring of curiosity and sympathy would be the same if Dawn Brancheau were not white, blonde and pretty. Would the World Wide Web care as much if she were of olive or mocha skin? What if she had black hair and dark eyes? If Ms. Brancheau had been 'average' or even a bit overweight, would the news have died shortly after she was pronounced brain-dead?

(One thing we probably know for sure. If she had olive skin, black hair and black eyes, chances are good she would not have gotten the job in the first place, no matter how talented she was. Sea World is in the business of entertainment, and their consultants probably set some pretty strict guidelines about who can get hired and who can't - and how to keep it all legal. Think Abercrombie and Fitch.)

Death is often tragic and life is often beautiful. Somehow, it's more pronounced when you are white, blonde and pretty. That's how it is, folks, and you really can't deny it.

No wonder Cher always wanted to be a blonde with blue eyes - and finally became one, even if it was via Photoshop.



  • jake 5 years ago

    you turned this into a race issue. you need help

  • GoTellBigDaddy 5 years ago

    I think you tried to make an example out of nothing and have made a poor one instead.

    This story lacks any sensitivity.

  • joyce hogan 5 years ago

    get a grip everything is not about color but people like you make it that way it is about a human life not color

  • ilnj 5 years ago

    You are truly an idiot with nothing to say. This did not even get you the publicity you so obviously crave.

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