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Killer leg workout-no equipment!

Alternate these lunges so you do equal amount on each side.
Alternate these lunges so you do equal amount on each side.

Here is a leg workout that uses no equipment.

Y Squats

This of course is great if you are traveling for work, don’t want to join or go to a gym, or you are just plain short on time.

By the way, if you like this workout but it is too hard or too easy... I can custom design a 4-week program for you personally that is half the price of a single personal training session!

Of course there is nothing like having a trainer right there with you… but most people will not hire a personal trainer because of the cost! An online program will give you access to a personal trainer that is affordable and will still give you personal attention.

Here is my “Killer leg workout”. It is a 5-exercise circuit. If you can, do the circuit two times resting two minutes in between. Be sure to look at the slide show for details of each exercise.

Just in case that isn’t killer enough… try this Leg Matrix I learned taking a workshop a while back with strength conditioning coach Juan Carlos Santana… Whew!

24 Body-weight squats
24 alternating (12 each side) body-weight lunge
24 alternating jump lunges (12 each side)
24 jump squats


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