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‘Killer Karaoke’ new season warns don’t stop singing on Tru-TV

On last night’s episode of “Killer Karaoke,” new host, Mark McGrath, who previously was seen on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!” and “Extra” introduced the new format, where singing contestants will be put through Hell. Each of the six contestants will sing an opening number, where they will be scored. According to their score, they will have extra privileges, but it is the audience they must impress to go on to win the ultimate prize of $10,000.

Killer Karaoke is back with Mark McGrath

The contestants on this show, were; Jeff, Amber, Caitlyn, Craig, Andrea and Olivia. As each one sang the opening number, they were squirted with water from the microphone. The audience voted for the one they liked the best. The winner of the first round received immunity from the first two battle rounds, while the lowest score goes home right then. Craig scored the highest, and Jeff was eliminated.

For the next round, Caitlyn and Olivia went head to head in the first round, titled The Mystery Battle. Caitlyn had the higher score and got to choose between the nun chuck or the small bucket for her challenge, leaving the other for Olivia. Caitlyn chose the nunchuck challenge where she had to sing “Kung Fu Fighting” while her head was through a screen, and someone else’s hands were putting all kinds of things on her face, while she kept on singing.

Olivia had to stand under four stations, while singing “Poker Face” and had to choose one of two buckets, that had a vague clue. Mark warned that one bucket was not so bad, but the other was horrible. But no matter what happens, don’t stop singing. First bucket contained, chocolate syrup, the next contained Skittles, then fireplace ashes, hay and the last powder paint. She was covered from head to toe in every color of the rainbow, but she sang her heart out and was the winner of the round.

Round two put Andrea and Amber against each other. Amber received the challenge called Head Case, where she had to put her hand or head inside a box, containing various animals while singing “My Sharona.” Do you remember hearing screams in the lyrics of this song? Andrea had to do the Rocking Chair challenge, while singing “Party in the U.S.A.” While sitting in a series of chairs, she had to hold a pizza and put a different topping on the pizza at each chair. The votes were so close, but Amber won this one.

When Craig came out, after watching his fellow contestants, he faced a challenge where he was dressed as a hula dancer with a body suit containing balloons that inflated and popped while he had to bring party items to various stations without dropping them and singing “Baby, I Need Your Loving.” Next, the audience had to choose between the two losers from the previous competitions. Caitlin was eliminated, and Craig went against Andrea for his next challenge.

Craig got the choice for Andrea’s challenge between sewer rats and boa constrictors. He chose the snakes, and Andrea had to walk barefoot down a road with five boxes, as she sang “Redneck Woman.” First box contained cow eyeballs, ice water, feather boas with real boas underneath, squid, then the last was cereal and then a big splash of milk. The audience voted between Craig and Andrea, the winner was Craig because Andrea forgot to sing throughout the entire challenge.

With the three last standing, Craig, Olivia, and Amber, the audience had to vote off one of them, and the eliminated person was Amber.

In the final round, they each wore their $10,000 money suit and had to go through an obstacle course designed to remove their money. When the completed that, they had to wait until a box was lowered on their head, which contained their greatest fear, while singing “Want U Back.” Her box contained spiders and his was bullfrogs, as the audience voted, the winner who had $6,675 remaining on their money suit was Olivia, who sang her heart out, literally.

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