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Killer Craigslist couple wanted to kill together

This killer couple will have a long time to think about their actions.
This killer couple will have a long time to think about their actions.
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A Pennsylvania couple pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Tuesday, after taking a plea deal down from a first-degree murder charge. Avoiding the death penalty, Miranda and Elytte Barbour will be sentenced in September, but will justice be served for the man they lured off of Craigslist and stabbed to death? The Huffington Post reports that a first-degree conviction would have put them in line for a death penalty sentence, but it's completely off the table with their second-degree murder plea. Instead, they're facing mandatory life imprisonment, but will there ever be a chance of parole?

Back when the couple were arrested and charged with the murder of Troy LaFerrara, police said that they did it for fun. That story hasn't changed now that the couple have been convicted of murdering the 42-year-old man. The duo hadn't been married long before their murder fantasies -- a form of sexual sadism -- turned to reality. Miranda Barbour met Troy LaFerrara after posing as a prostitute on Craigslist. The two lured the man, expecting sex in exchange for cash, and then stabbed him to death out of their own personal enjoyment. This was a thrill murder. It was committed for the sole purpose to exhilarate Miranda and Elytte Barbour; Nothing more. A man's life was taken with no second chances, but these two have escaped the ultimate sentence for their actions.

Miranda Barbour is also the young woman who claimed to the media that she killed over 22 different people, ending with LaFerrara -- but these statements appeared to be nothing more than grandiose gloating. Her boastful lies put her in the top of media headlines at the end of 2013, and she was given a pretty speedy trial now that it's all said and done. She probably didn't kill 22 other people, but she'll have plenty of time to think about why that wasn't a very smart thing to tell people after being arrested for only one murder.