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Killer bride: 30 years in prison received for murder of husband

Killer bride is sentenced to 30 years for murder of husband.
Killer bride is sentenced to 30 years for murder of husband.
Karthik Chinnathambi/Wikimedia Commons

The killer bride has 30 years to think about what she did to her new husband almost a year ago. A judge sentenced the Montana bride, Jordan Linn Graham, today, and there will be no hope of early release. She will need to serve every day of her 365 month sentence. On March 27, Independent Record reported on her sentencing.

Don Molloy, the U.S. District judge on the case, also added another clause to her sentencing. Graham will not be allowed to benefit financially in any way if she reveals details of her crime at a later date. Why the harsh sentence? Molloy saw no remorse from the woman for her crime. She never once said she was sorry.

Earlier this week, Graham and her attorneys tried to get her guilty plea tossed out when it was learned that a harsh sentence was coming. At that point, a sentence of 50 years to life was being considered, but the lower sentence of 30 years was decided on by Molloy.

Graham was charged with the murder of her husband. She pushed Cody Johnson off a cliff at Glacier National Park on July 7. They had been married only eight days when the act happened during an argument. She pushed him in the back, and he fell face first off the cliff. He was found three days after he was reported missing.

This tragic story can now come to a close. Graham will spend the next 30 years thinking about what she has done.

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