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Killer Bernie Tiede, portrayed by Jack Black in 'Bernie' leaves prison early

The Yahoo News reports that Bernie Tiede, a former Texas mortician was released from prison today. Tiede, was serving a life sentence for killing Marjorie Nugent, an 81 year-old wealthy widow in 1996.

Actors Shirley MacLaine and Jack Black portray Bernie Tiede and Marjorie Nugent in "Bernie." In 1996, Tiede killed Nugent and hid her body in a freezer.
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A judge ruled that Tiede be released on a $10,000 bond. A state criminal appeals court must approve the reduced sentence while Tiede is out on bond.Tiede and Nugent met in 1990 at the funeral of R.L. “Rod” Nugent—Marjorie Nugent’s late husband. Tiede handled the embalming and helped her pick select a monument and casket. The Nugents had made their fortune in banking and oil.

After becoming friends, Tiede left the funeral business to become the widow’s constant companion. He said Nugent had given him $3 million and was going to leave her fortune to him after she died.

Tiede shot Nugent in the back four times with a .22- caliber rifle. He then covered her body in a sheet and placed her in a freezer. In 1999, a court sentenced Tiede to life in prison. The odd relationship between Tiede and Nugent was made into a movie called “Bernie.” Jack Black played Tiede while Shirley MacLaine played Nugent’s character. Tiede was a member of the Carthage community and known for his generosity while Carthage considered Nugent a crotchety old tightwad.

During an interview with KLTV, Tiede told reporter Melanie Torre that he had befriended Nugent because she was lonely. He said she later became possessive and abusive. He admitted that he had killed her after he had “snapped.” While in prison, he met Jack Black, the actor who portrayed Tiede in the movie.

Although Tiede will leave prison early, it will be under strict guidelines. The court authorized him to stay with Richard Linklater, the director of the movie based on Tiede’s crime.

In 2012, The New York Times published a story titled “How My Aunt Marge Ended up in the Deep Freeze.” In the article, a niece of Marjorie Nugent described her aunt as the “devil” on earth. The niece provided an unflattering description of her aunt. She said her aunt wasn’t on speaking terms with her family. She also said another aunt was relieved when she found out Marjorie was dead.

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