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Killer bees attack elderly woman stinging her 1000 times: Rescuers also stung

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A swarm of Africanized killer bees attacked several people, including stinging a 71-year-old woman more than 1000 times in what looked like a scene out of a horror movie. You couldn’t see the woman, she was covered head to toe with the killer bees, according to The Weather Channel on March 9.

Reports came into Verizon from a gated community in Palm Desert, California that bees were seen flying in and out of a subterranean cable box. Verizon sent a technician out to investigate. The killer bees had built their nest on the underside of the box’s lid, so when the Verizon worker lifted the lid, he unleashed a swarm of 80,000 very mad African killer bees.

The bees attacked everyone in sight including the 71-year-old woman who was just getting out of her car returning home. The bees swarmed her, giving her more than 1,000 stings all over her body. The medical staff at the hospital even took stingers out of this woman’s mouth. Others in the area were also stung, but the elderly woman took the brunt of the mad swarm.

When the bees first swarmed her she tried to get refuge from the attacking insects inside her car, but the bees followed her into the vehicle stinging her even more. Firefighters arrived and they too were stung and needed medical attention. They received stings to the face, neck, arms and hands.

The 72-year-old woman survived but she was listed in critical condition. Lance Davis of Killer Bees Inc. was the man given the task to get rid of the bees. Davis said the bees were mad when their home was disturbed causing the killer bees to attack. He showed up and calmed the bees using smoke. He then vacuumed up the bees and moved them to his place where he raises the bees for pollination for farms.