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Killeen dog disappears and shows up three days later in Ohio

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How in the world did Corbin, a chihuahua/dachshund mixed breed dog manage to dig out of his yard in Killeen, Texas and end up in an animal shelter 1,100 miles away in Ohio in three days? That's a mystery that still hasn't been solved according to an article published today at

Fortunately for Corbin, when the shelter in Ohio scanned for a microchip they found one, and were able to reach his family. After a flurry of activity on Facebook arranging transport, Corbin was driven back to Killeen by animal loving strangers who were happy to see the dog get back home where he belonged.

Surveillance footage at the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio showed a woman tie the dog to a bench the night before in the middle of a thunderstorm. The box that Corbin was in had fallen apart from all the rain.

No one knows who the woman was, or why she simply tied the dog to the bench in such bad weather, instead of waiting until the next morning to turn the dog in while the shelter was open.

Without the microchip, who knows what would have happened to Corbin? Would he have been another statistic, euthanized for space, or would he have gone to a rescue and been re-homed, with his family never knowing what happened to him? Fortunately that's a question that will never need to be answered.

Does your dog have a microchip? If he showed up without a collar or tag in a shelter a thousand miles away, or even five miles away, would you ever know about it?