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KillaCycle Racing fastest at Bonneville, with 240 miles/hr electric motorcycle

The KillaJoule was the fastest motorcycle among all contenders at Bonneville this week
KillaCycle Racing, used with permission

KillaCycle racing came away from this weeks Bonneville Motorcycle Time Trials not only setting a new land speed record on Thursday, but scoring the fastest time of everyone at the time trials. This is the first time in history an electric vehicle scored the fastest time at this event - in other words, they had the fastest bike period among this years speed trials contenders.

The team races with the Killajoule, a custom built three wheeled streamlined electric motorcycle. The builders are the husband-wife team of Bill Dube and Eva Håkansson. They also built the KillaCycle electric drag bike that achieved much fame a couple years ago. For at least three years they've been developing and racing the KillaJoule, having fallen in love with racing on the salt flats.

What we have to go by is their reports on Facebook. One thing we learned from those reports is that a rain storm eliminated at least one day of racing.

On Aug 26 they scored a record speed of 224.527 miles/hr, beating their time from last year by a big margin. At the time they boasted that the KillaJoule is now the fastest electric motorcycle in the world.

Aug 27 was rained out, but on the 28th (the last day of the session) they had another go hitting speeds of 241.852 miles/hr in one direction, and 239.600 in the opposite direction. That works out to a record of 240.726 miles/hr, in their class. And, as we noted above, this turned out to be the fastest time for anyone at the event.

Does this really make the KillaJoule the fastest electric motorcycle in the world? There are multiple contenders to that title, and the answer has to depend on how you define it. The KillaJoule is racing in a specific class, three wheeled streamed electric motorcycles. The other contenders are racing in other classes, or even in other sorts of races. It's a matter of comparing apples-apples. This achievement by the KillaCycle racing team is a huge step forward, without a doubt. We simply have to remember that other teams also claim the title of "fastest electric motorcycle in the world" because they're racing in a different class.

A year ago, the KillaCycle team set a record of 213 miles/hr with the KillaJoule, before an epic rainstorm forced an early end to last years Bonneville motorcycle speed trials. In just one year they bumped the record forward by nearly 30 miles/hr.

In case it's not clear, it's worth repeating this - KillaCycle Racing beat everyone at the Bonneville motorcycle speed trials this year. That's a huge accomplishment for anybody, but it was done with an electric motorcycle.

The age of electric vehicles is coming.

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