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Kill some zombies with a meat clever and other interesting weapons

After Sunset 2 Images
After Sunset 2 Images
Paul Iuzzolino

In every zombie game out there on the web, you are doing the same thing, which is killing zombies. The circumstances are always different; you are either on rooftops, inside of cars, or out on the street. After Sunset 2 takes players out in the dark surrendered by zombies; all you have to protect yourself is a meat clever and a whole lot of weapons.


After you click on play, you are shown the basic controls, a short tutorial on how to kill the zombies and collect bonuses. Once the game starts, your character is onto of a rooftop of a hospital, and the zombies start making their way toward the rooftop. Special airdrops start to appear around the hospital, and contain weapons and other items. There are gems on the ground that will give you extra points. The zombies are really tricky; if you spend too much time on one side of the rooftop, they start to climb up the other side of the rooftop. So moving back and forth is the key to staying alive. In the hospital area, on the left side, there is a hospital truck. If you blow it up, you can destroy all the zombies close to the truck. Halfway though the hospital area, my character freezes up when I go to the left side of the rooftop; I can't use my special meat clever ability, so my character dies. You can't play the rest of the areas until you survive the hospital area, so by not being able to complete the hospital area, the game is pretty much stalled.

Game Mechanics:

The main character moves pretty decently, but sometimes he gets stuck at the corners of the rooftop of the hospital. The weapons work well; the pistol is fine to use, but it doesn't work well when there are so many zombies. The one weapon that works great when there are a lot of zombies is the UFO grenade launcher. This weapon launches several UFO grenades on the ground, taking out any zombies near them. Another weapon will freeze the zombie in place, allowing you to kill the zombie quickly. The machine gun shoots at a rapid rate, killing zombies nicely.


The character is pretty simple to control in this game; to move your character you press the arrow keys or the w, s, a, and d keys. The left mouse button will fire your weapon. There are two control schemes; the one control scheme is using either the arrow keys or w, s, a and d keys to move the character and then the left mouse button to shoot. The second control scheme is just using the left mouse button to move your character and shoot. The first control scheme works a lot better; you can move between both sides of the rooftop faster and kill the zombies faster.


The hospital area has a nice look to it; the main building is a medium size building with a cracked window in the front. A garage is on the left side, and has a shiny red color to it. You see cracks on the ground that blend in well with the rest of the ground. Cars are scattered around the parking lot, some with missing tires.

After Sunset 2 is an okay zombie shooting game, but not being able to complete the first area is really frustrating. If this glitch could be fixed, then I could play the rest of the areas.

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