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Ward Weaver III-Francis Weaver: Killers in the family timeline

If Francis Weaver is convicted: There will be three generations of killers.
If Francis Weaver is convicted: There will be three generations of killers.

KTU News is reporting today that the grandson and son of convicted killers Ward Weaver Jr. and Ward Weaver III has been arrested and charged with murdering a Grants Pass man during a botched drug deal. Francis Weaver, 31, is currently being held without bail in the county jail. According to The Oregonian, if Francis Weaver is found guilty, he will be a third generation killer in the family.

If you're confused, here is a timeline.

1982: Ward Weaver Jr.--grandfather

Ward Weaver Jr. aka Ward Francis Weaver Jr. is a convicted murderer. The Oroville man also has a history of charges involving rape and kidnap. Weaver Jr. was convicted in 1982 for the murder of 18-year-old Robert Radford and 23-year old Barbara Levoy in California.

Ward Weaver Jr., a truck driver, had come into contact with the couple when he offered to help them after Radford's car had trouble. Instead, he killed them.

While serving time in prison, Weaver confessed to another inmate that he had murdered missing person Barbara Levoy and buried her deep in his backyard. He is currently on California's death row.

2002: Ward Weaver III---son

Ward Weaver III is a convicted murderer. According to court records, Ward Weaver III was convicted of the murders of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

The murders occurred in 2002 in Oregon. Both girls disappeared on their way to school but were later found dead. Sources say Ward Weaver always seemed fascinated with his father's murder case and often offered to take his girlfriends to visit his father, who is on death row in California.

Ward Weaver III was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis.

2014: Francis Weaver Jr.--stepson/grandson

Francis Weaver was arrested and charged with murder in February 2014. Canby police say Francis Paul Weaver was involved in a drug deal gone bad, leaving victim Edward Kelly Spangle dead.

The police investigation revealed that Edward Kelly Spangle was shot multiple times when Francis Weaver and two other men tried to rob the man during a drug deal.

If Francis Weaver---who once expressed disgust of his father's behavior--- is found guilty, he will join a long line of convicted killers.

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