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Kierstin: A glimpse of spring on a gloomy winter day

As soon as I saw Kierstin, I wanted to take her picture. It was a Tuesday morning and she explained that she would be wearing a dress every single day of this week (despite the 17 degree weather).

Her mix-match of patterns was so eye-appealing. How refreshing to see a summer dress in the middle of the winter! It’s always fun seeing bright, energetic colors on such a gloomy, overcast, snowy day, and her dress just screams “spring!”

As I’ve mentioned before, mixing different patterns together presents a creative, busy look, yet clean and classy one at the same time with the complimentary colors.

Along with the design mixing, another aspect of Kierstin’s outfit that I love is her layers. When I first saw her, her coat was buttoned up with only the bottom of her floral dress peaking out from the bottom. When she unbuttoned her coat (as shown in the picture), the creative, busy yet clean and classy look I described earlier simply radiated. And when she removed her coat, her bright spring floral dress was all that remained, pleasantly contrasting with her darker winter scarf, tights and boots.

Whether you’re having an up or down day, wearing a cheerful, energetic outfit like Kierstin’s will show off your happy side and send the message that today is your day to shine.

Scarf - Target ($8)
Tights - Marshalls ($6)
Boots - Target ( $7.50 on clearance)
Earrings - Target ($4 on clearance)
Ring - Kohls ($5)
Floral Dress - Pitaya Boutique in Broadripple, Indiana ($20)
Tank Top (under dress) - Wal-Mart ($1)
Over Coat - Kohls ($40 on sale)