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Kiefer Sutherland gives the inside scoop on '24: Live Another Day'

Kiefer Sutherland will return as Jack Bauer in "24: Live Another Day."
Kiefer Sutherland will return as Jack Bauer in "24: Live Another Day."
FOX/Isabella Vosmikova

When political thriller "24: Live Another Day" returns to FOX on May 5, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) will be hiding out in London, a hunted man who is being tracked down by Kate Morgan (Yvonne Strahovski), a brilliant but impulsive CIA field agent.

"At the end of Season 8, Jack was basically left a fugitive on the run," Executive Producer Manny Coto told reporters at the winter tour for the Television Critics Association. "Four years later, he is still a fugitive and hunted. What will come into play is a character [Kate Morgan] who has been hunting him. The show will open with that dynamic. In their mind, Jack is not Osama, but he is someone high [on the list] to be captured. Jack has a mission. Whether it is good or bad, we don't know. As Yvonne gets closer to him, Chloe [Mary Lynn Rajskub] will enter the picture. She has been damaged and is more of a radical Snowden-type character. There will be some pretty crazy events."

Among those events, according to Executive Producer Howard Gordon the "Snowden affair and drones are backdrops."

The script for "24: Live Another Day" is completely different from the movie version that been planned. It will play out a 24-hour event over 12 episodes, so time jumps will be made between episodes to accommodate the smaller number.

"I am terrified," Sutherland says about his return to playing Jack, which starts shooting in a couple of weeks in London. "I was terrified between each season. In the middle of a season, it is a reactionary thing. You are in the character. Without patting ourselves on the back, I feel we made eight strong years. [The possibility of] opening that up again and making 12 episodes, and not making them the best is frightening. I am as anxious and wound-up as I have been in a long time."

Other familiar faces to "24" fans will be Audrey (Kim Raver) and James Heller (William Devane), who is now the president of the United States.

In addition to Strahovski, new cast members include Giles Matthey, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Michael Wincott, and Judy Davis.

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