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KidsTown Consignment Event: Snacks to keep you going

KidsTown Children's Consignment Event: Spring Sale Thursday, February 11 - Saturday, February 13
KidsTown Children's Consignment Event: Spring Sale Thursday, February 11 - Saturday, February 13
KidsTown, published with permission

It's that time of year: time for the spring KidsTown Children's Consignment Sale event! If you're a mom in the general Memphis area, you're probably familiar with KidsTown! For those of you who aren't, however, KidsTown is a group run by three cousins. Twice a year they hold a children's consignment sale event at the Agricenter. To fully understand the scope of KidsTown you have to witness it; the turnout is unbelievable. The open-to-the-public sale spans three days (Thursday - Saturday), but there are several private pre-sales that extend total shopping time to five days. In addition, there are two drop-off days, one pick-up day, and LOTS of days of planning and preparation! Running KidsTown takes a lot of hard work, dedication, volunteers, and ENERGY. During sale week, it's not uncommon for Patty, Teresa, and Gynia to work 18-hour days. I recently asked them what helps keep them, and their volunteers, going on those long days that are filled with so much hard work.

While the KidsTown sale is in full-swing, it's not uncommon for Patty, Teresa, and Gynia to only eat one meal a day. This makes their snacks throughout the day even more important, as snacks wind up providing the majority of their fuel for the day. Here are some of their favorite (and most convenient) snacks:

Basic Trail Mix
Cashews or Peanuts
M&M-type candy
Stick Pretzels
Remember that any dried fruits will work! Mix all ingredients in equal parts.

Peanut Butter Crackers
Pre-packaged peanut butter and crackers supply protein and whole grain as well as fiber. The best way is to make your own with wheat Ritz crackers and peanut butter! These can be packaged in clear plastic wrap.

Microwave Popcorn
This is a great whole grain snack that also has fiber! This is popped at home and divided into zip-lock bags that can be put in an apron pocket.

Patty also has these comments to share about snacking while working long hours:

Our volunteers will always find bite size chocolate, soft drinks, and Little Debbie snack cakes but we try to balance the unhealthy with the healthy! There will always be more water than soda because research has shown that a main cause of fatigue is dehydration. Water is the best hydrator around. Individual packets of nuts, pretzels, and trail mix are very popular and good for all of us. Protein plays a big role in keeping blood sugar up so we offer peanut butter crackers, cereal bars with soy and other goodies, and granola bars.

The long days are about to begin for Patty, Teresa, and Gynia as consignor drop-off days begin this Sunday, February 8. If you're consigning with, volunteering for, or shopping at KidsTown next week be sure to say hi to Patty and the rest of the gang if you see them!

Next in the KidsTown series of articles, the KidsTown founders share some of their make-ahead recipes that help get their families through sale week!

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