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Kids triathlons gaining popularity

Kids triathlons are popular
Kids triathlons are popular

Triathlon seems to be growing every year, and now the sport has been gaining in popularity among children as well as adults.

There were close to 1,000 sanctioned national youth events in 2012, compared to 311 in 2007. Plus, there were 62,345 youths who are members of USAT, compared to 19,825 in 2007. In fact, children as young as age 7 are able to participate in kids triathlons.

Some upcoming youth triathlons and youth triathlon events in the Maryland area are:

  • Frederick Kids Triathlon - May 25 in Frederick, MD. Children ages 6-9: Swim 100-meters; Bike 3-miles; Run .75-miles. Children ages 10-13: Swim 150 meters; Bike 4.5-miles; Run 1.5-miles.
  • TriCamp4Kids - June 17 to June 21 in Ashburn, VA. This camp will introduce children aged 7 to 12 years old to the sport of triathlon.
  • Columbia Kids Triathlon Camp - July 7 in Columbia, MD. This camp is specifically designed to teach kids aged 7to14 years old everything they need to know to do a kids triathlon.
  • Life Time Kids Tri Loudoun County - July 28 in Sterling, VA. Junior division (ages 7-10): 50-yard swim, a 2.5 miles bike and a 5 mile run. Senior division (ages 11-14): 100-yard swim, a 5 mile bike and a 1 mile run.
  • Nottingham Kids Triathlon - Aug. 24 in Mount Airy, MD. Children aged 7 to 8 years old: 50-meter swim, 2 mile bike, .5 mile run; 9-10 year olds: 100 meter swim, 2 mile bike, .5 mile run; 11-12 year olds: 100 meter swim, 4 mile bike, 1 mile run; 13-15 year olds: 150 meter swim, 4 mile bike, 1 mile run.


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