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Kids to Pilots: Teaching Aviation to Children


Every kid has a dream. And we all know that many kids dream of becoming an airline pilot one day. This project help those kids prepare for that day and better understand aircraft, how they fly and what they are made of, using resources from real pilots and animators in a fun and entertaining environment. 'Kids to Pilots' is a set of tools that will teach children around the world about airplanes and how they fly through the skies.

Kids to Pilots' will be a complete online and offline animated training platform where a cartoon character ( Mr. Fly below ) will be teaching real, complex technical aviation concepts to kids and teens using an easy to understand language.

The content of the animated training will be divided into training videos and packed with fun stuff like quizzes, tricky questions, different levels of knowledge, real flight simulation, cool animated tests and many more so that kids will learn aviation and best of all, have lots of fun in the same time.

There will be content based on ages 7-12 and 12-17. Kids will easily have access to the online platform packed with video training material, difficulty levels, quizzes, tests and LOTS of fun.

The interactive book will be available on DVD and will have several editions.

The mobile app will really shine to support the web app and keep the child on track with his training at all times. All media environments will work together to ensure that the child will have a comprehensive understanding of aviation in general and commercial aircrafts in particular.

From aviation history and different kinds of aircrafts to flying in dangerous areas around the globe, kids will love the content and will find it useful without being bored.

Perks include:


Free access to the books, apps and online portals

Your name in the credits and much more.

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