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Kids Skills Build Sports Training Abilities

Try TUCK postion for learning to roll in control
Try TUCK postion for learning to roll in control
Kidskills International

Kids skills: TASK # 19: Tuck to Get Ready for Rolling

Kids skills: rolling backwards from a seated position begins with a child bending their knees and placing ONE HAND on each bent leg.

This gives the chid a secure feeling as they can pull each leg tightly and control the next move: rolling backwards to the floor.

The ability to draw the knees into the chest while seated on your 'bottom' will build an awareness of how to maintain a strong posture will rolling backwards.

In simple kid games and play, children will be seated on the grass or gymnasium floor or in their homes, and try to roll backwards.

They should be cautioned to keep their CHINS tucked against their chest. This will protect their necks as they move rearward.

Many times, during play or simple kids games, children will lose their balance, from a standing or running action. IF they, have practice this TASK they will have gained the ability to roll easy.

If they have tried the TASK below, they will have experienced the natural 'roll' backwards and have learned how to use their to maintain a 'tight' body position. They will have trained their necks to 'tuck' to their chest. This will give them an added element of safety while in motion.

Kids skills: rolling backwards to the floor

If you enjoyed this lesson, you might find the KidSKILLS Series of Movement and Training Manuals an aid for helping your children learn sports.
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