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Kids sizzurp: Cocktail of soda, candy, and cough syrup equal deadly

Kids sizzurp is a new craze hitting that youth are trying when it comes to getting high. WRCB TV reports Jan. 23 that this cocktail of soda, candy, and prescription cough syrup is potentially deadly.

Dr. Robert Glatter of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York said this is a dangerous combination of substances that "can lead to seizures and essentially lead you to stop breathing."

The kids sizzurp is something young people grow addicted to quite quickly because it has a sweet taste with the soda and candy together... and has the "high" feeling from the cough syrup. Consumption can easily be overdone and put the user in danger.

This type of concoction is also known as "purple drank," "syrup" and "lean." The ingredients in kids sizzurp mostly contains "Jolly Rancher candy for color and extra sweetness along with soda and prescription-strength cough syrup. The end product is said to provide an instant, euphoric high," according to the report.

It does not help that today's music stars glamorize the drug. Rapper Lil Wayne has talked glowingly of the drug and was treateed last March after overdosing on codeine. Ever since then, he has taken a different stand on it. Sizzurp is suspected to be what killed rapper Pimp C in 2007 and DJ Screw in 2000. There is abundant speculation that singer, Justin Bieber, is using sizzurp to get high.

Sizzurp is known to circulate at parties and reportedly appears "harmless" with its "bright colors and sweet taste."

Just a few days ago there was a headline about kids snorting Smarties candies to get high and now kids sizzurp is another one to come along in the news. What will be next?

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