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Kids shocked in pool: Video shows kids go limp as electricity zaps pool water

Three children were electrocuted and needed hospitalization when the water in the pool at their Miami apartment complex became electrically charged. The surveillance video captures the moment the current enters the water, a little girl holding on to a metal railing goes limp and people scramble to get out of the pool, according to HNGN on May 22.

Kids shocked in pool: Kids go limp when electrical current goes very wrong.
CNN/ YouTube/ screen shot

The kids in the pool were desperately trying to get out once they felt the charge and knew something was wrong. When the little girl holding onto the pool railing suddenly goes limp, a man believed to be her father jumps in to save her. He too was shocked.

In the video, you can see a man off to the side lifting a child out of the pool and he places the child on the pool concrete walkway. One of the more disturbing sights occurs when the pool empties out and a man notices a child floating in the water by the pool railing.

The man rushes over to pull the child out of the water and you can see as he gets jolted during his rescue mission. What went wrong with this pool to have these kids and adults electrocuted?

ABC News reports this incident happened on April 27 at the Palms West Condominiums in Hialeah, Fla. It wasn’t only the children that dropped when the current first hit the water, you can see an adult drop from the shock.

A five-year-old girl was rendered temporarily paralyzed as the current jolted through her body and her grandfather went into the pool to get her out, he too was hit with the electrical shot. You can see him carry her limp body out of the pool.

A faulty pump somehow had the ground wires not working properly, causing the electric current to be carried by the water and intensifying in the metal rails. The same rails that the little girl who went limp and dropped had been holding onto. The boy swimming close to the railings was knocked unconscious and floating in the water when the current rerouted into the pool due to faulty pump and ground wires.

Three kids spent four days in the hospital after being electrocuted. They are all are lucky to be alive today after this electrifying pool incident. All three are expected to make a full recovery.

Investigators said that it was a faulty pump that caused the ground wires to malfunction. They had the pool drained and police crime tape is keeping it sectioned off.

This is a serious situation that can quickly turn fatal, which was seen last month with Calder Sloan, who was swimming in his family’s backyard swimming pool. The seven-year-old was knocked unconscious by an electrical shock while swimming with a friend.

The nanny called 911 and a neighbor administered CPR, but to no avail. Calder died from electrocution which was caused by a faulty pool light in that incident.

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