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Kids report on some of their favorite Connecticut destinations

Kids love the Danbury Railway Museum
Kids love the Danbury Railway Museum

There are many local places which adults find fun for kids however, sometimes we forget to actually ask the kids their opinions on these matters. Connecticut Kids recently shared some reports from kids on what they consider to be some of Connecticut's best destinations and why.  Following are a few excerpts on what they shared:

Timexpo Museum
175 Union Street, Brass Mill Commons Mall, Waterbury, CT

Kris, 5th grade writes...
The Timexpo museum is a great place. There is lots of things to do there! You can play with boats and there is a whole room of clocks! In the room there is a backward clock for a barber shop so when they looked in the mirror they could tell the time! They also have pictures of watches you can stamp onto paper. You can send postcards to your friends on the computers they have. I especially liked the time tunnel!!

White Memorial Bike Trails and Museum
71 Whitehall Road (Route 202), Litchfield, CT

Kris, 4th grade writes...
I have been to the White Memorial bike trails and museum. Their bike trails are really fun! I love the museum. They have all different types of animal and nature exhibits to look at. There are also educational games to play. They have a really neat gift shop. Sometimes you can go on a special field trip and learn about trees, animals, and pond life. Even in the wintertime you can cross-country ski or hike on their trails!

Directions: Take Route 8, Exit 42; Phone: (860) 567-0857; Info: 35 Miles of Cross Country Trails

Barker Animation
1188 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT

Kris, 4th grade writes...
I have been to Barker Animation, it is great. They have tons of comics, stuffed animals, toys, puppets, and more, from many many, years ago. They have wooden characters painted outside like Bugs Bunny, Rugrats and others. On special days they have a cartoon theater and scavenger hunts. Barker Animation is so fun!

Danbury Railway Museum
120 White Street, Danbury, CT

Kris, 4th grade writes...
The Danbury Railway Museum is an amazing place. You can take rides on the trains for 20 minutes to a day! They have a really neat gift shop. They also have some great displays of trains that run! It was an actual railroad station along time ago. They have many interesting things inside their museum like tools for trains and lots of other stuff too. The Danbury Railway Museum was a very exciting place for me to go!



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