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Kids really love technology; here's some great programs to nurture their skills


We've all seen them... Those adorable little kids using tablets and computers with skill, accuracy and ease; while many adults are still trying to figure out how to use their email. It is amazing how today's young toddlers are able to pick up a tablet and/or an Ipad to start using it without even reading the instructions nor receiving direction! It's positively baffling....

We are raising the next generations of tech savvy entrepreneurs, educators and inventors. If we see a child displaying a natural talent for anything; it is our responsibility and moral duty to hone in and nurture their God-given talents.

With that in mind; we have compiled some computer programs geared towards your tech savvy youngsters in an effort to assist in raising a generation of confident, and well equipped youth. They are our future!


Colors On The Web - teaches kids how our brains interpret color relationships and how to best use colors in design.

Drawing for Children - kids can get a sense of how graphics translate to a computer screen.

Web Design for kids - delves into technical fundamentals such as basic HTML coding, graphic design and more.

For the more advanced computer tech kid , there's

Breeze Page - Intuitive and packed with lots of great options

Word Press - after learning to foster creativity this advanced tool is used for generating revenue...

Now, if this still doesn't spark flames under you kids' "Tush" and if this is lame & amateur technology in your kids eyes.... Get them "TurntUp" & motivated with the latest in bling technology:

Microsoft Expressions Web,

Adobe Dreamweaver

Coda2 (exclusively for mac)

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