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Kids react to old computers: What does this say about generation tech?

After watching this hilarious video, you might be left wondering how Generation Tech kids will shape the technology of the future. They will surely be working hand-in-hand with millennials, but they might surprise you.

Like the millennials who grew up knowing the joys of color television, desktop computers, 1st-7th generation video game consoles, dial-up internet, and cell phones, which have all transformed into their respective entities today, Generation Tech kids started enjoying what some consider the latest and greatest technologies from day 1. They came into the world (and still are) with access to HD LED televisions, powerful laptops, tablets, smartphones, high-speed internet, 7-8th generation video game consoles, and 3-D printing. To them all this technology is normal. So what is not normal for them? What new technology will they bring to this world?

Each new generation experiences socialization into a more technologically advanced world than the last generation, but this is not the point. The point is to see where technology might be 20-30 years from now by analyzing some of the thoughts of the Generation Tech kids in this video.

The general trend for technology right now is everything is getting thinner and smaller. We have already seen computers (i.e., smartphones) created that fit in the palm of our hands. In the video, one little boy said about the computer, “It’s huge, it’s very huge!” This child acknowledged that huge was not normal for him. The mere sight of the huge computer seemed to somewhat overwhelm this child as he used his hands to help express the size of the antiquated computer. Right afterward a girl in the video asked, “If you don’t have a desk, where do you put this?” For her a desk-less environment is normal so the placement of the computer immediately becomes a problem. Her question points out that in our ‘on the go’ society, we often don’t have a desk to put a large computer on because we usually have one in our pocket or bag. These two children are telling us that large computers are not ideal. If the trend continues, which it will, then computers will continue to become more portable, flexible, and powerful. They definitely won’t be “huge.”

In our society, we can see that everything related to the internet is starting to become connected. You can link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to your various other website profiles and even job applications. How far will our interconnectedness go? One girl in the video expressed her desire for the computer to have everything: “Apps! Games! Websites! Everything. But THIS thing right here has nothing!” She appeared aggravated that the computer did not have access to everything and other kids in the video seemed upset that it required more than one step to make the computer do something. Possibly access to everything with the touch of one button/icon will be the norm in the future. It is certainly moving in that direction with all the innovative smartphone apps made regularly by millennial programmers. Generation Tech programmers and engineers might connect the physical and digital (i.e., everything) in ways never seen, or only seen in science fiction movies.

The future holds exciting new things. Many of which will help us connect with everything around us in ways we have never imaged. Let’s just make sure that Generation Tech and future generations don’t go to the dark side and remain creating technologies for the betterment of society.

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