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Kids in Motion: Upper Body Development

Daily active play is essential
Kidskills International

Let's consider those children who are under 5 years old, into this physical activity lesson.

There are endless minutes filled with the wiggles and self-testing that youngster performs as the day progress.

With a few hints, you, the caregiver, can guide youngsters into a few challenges that will bring upper body development into their play times.

When you really take a moment and review what types of tasks are available at a local playground, it will be easy to locate those pieces of equipment that will provide these movement challenges:

  1. Climbing
  2. Hanging
  3. Swinging

Children who are able to engage in active movement as well as newborns, need to be encouraged to move through both experimental and exploratory actions as well as your nurturing their movements by placing them into a safe environment that will allow safe PLAY.

By helping your child to get active, you are helping their body to develop.

This concept of Active Movement through PLAY will provide a number of benefits:

  • Health and happiness, confidence and a loved feeling.
  • The foundations for learning, moving and communication will begin.
  • Development, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually, as well as physical development.

Let's ask ourselves, Why is the upper body development important?

Children's bodies develop from head to foot and from the center of the body to the tips of their limbs. By encouraging active play experiences, children will develop strong muscles in their arms, shoulders, fingers and hands. This is UPPER BODY STRENGTH.

Kids love to hand, swing, and climb and those self-testing challenges are good for them.

With care, you can include both a safe place and daily time for them to be active, throughout the day. These skills will be acquired through repetition, and a daily basis.

Consider how often your children are carried by you or moved by a wheeled piece of equipment? Make plans to get children walking, skipping, running every day, vigorously!

Here are a few guidelines to think about as you plan an active play-filled day for your children:

  • Make all activities for both boys and girls.
  • Suggest tasks that are simple at first and then progressively more challenging by some increases in intensity: longer, higher, faster, more repeated actions.
  • Stay around the children as they are active. Keep them safe.
  • Encourage the child to explore their feeling about the different activities.
  • When an tasks seem to be too difficult, suggest an alternative taht will bring SUCCESS.

The feelings of SUCCESS are really important to youngsters.

You want them to shout: "Watch me!" and "I Can Do That !"

Try simple activities like, WHEELBARROW WALKING. You hold their thighs while they move along on straighten arms.

But most of all, give you attention and time to your children! What better gift?

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