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Kids love these non-edible Valentine's Day gifts

Kids love these Valentine's Day gifts
Kids love these Valentine's Day gifts
Thames & Kosmos

Valentine's Day is more than just a day of romance. Families celebrate the special day with love that lasts a lifetime. Many parents want to skip the edible treats in favor of a gift that will last longer than the weekend.

Kids enjoy these Valentine's Day treats
Cristine Struble

Here are a few kid inspired Valentine's Day gifts that the kids will love.

Thames and Kosmos Crystal Garden

While flowers wilt and brown after a few days, the Thames and Kosmos Crystal Garden blooms beautifully. Kids will learn how crystals grow and gain understanding of scientific principles. This kit is recommended for ages 10 and up and retails for $10.99.

Cloud b Twilight Carz

Even the little ones want a special Valentine' Day present. The Cloud b Twilight Carz offers an easy way for kids to transition from play time to dream time. This pink and purple car shines a starry sky on the ceiling enticing little ones into a blissful sleep. The Cloud b Twilight Carz retail for $25.99.

The Game of Life

Family Game Night is important to keeping the family engaged with one another. The classic, the Game of Life is back with some new additions to make it more fun. Whether you choose college, the career path, or a family, the twists and turns of each move will keep everyone laughing. The Game of Life, from Hasbro, retails for $19.99.

Oceanhouse Media apps

The kids are playing on smart devices while waiting at appointments or during road trips. Fill the kids' devices with apps that promote learning while having fun. Oceanhouse Media offers a wide variety of apps that balance learning and fun. Two new apps feature animals. Miles and Miles of Reptiles - All About Reptiles, ($3.99): Cat in the Hatexplores the world of reptiles- lizards, snakes, turtles, and crocodilians- in his trusty crocodile car. Velociraptor: Small and Speedy - Smithsonian’s Prehistoric Pals ($1.99): Travel back in time to see the Velociraptor in the Cretaceous Period. How fierce is this creature?

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