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Kids have fun with Linkydoodles chain candy


Everyone loves stringing lights and garland around the Christmas tree but it’s tough sometimes to have to wait an entire year to have some similar fun. That’s just what decorative candy Linkydoodles creator Robin Reichelt thought before introducing an everyday Linkydoodles line that can be enjoyed at year round parties.

You’ll think it’s the holidays with this fun retro candy that you easily link together to form a chain. Kids have fun playing with them at birthday parties and keeping themselves occupied at family gatherings.

Each package contains 28 pieces that are linked together for a full size string that measures up to five and a half feet. Instead of the traditional peppermint flavor of holiday candy, the Linkydoodles are all cherry flavored and come in rainbow, pink and blue colors.

In addition to Everyday Linkydoodles, Robin has created a new line of Wedding Linkydoodles which will be available in time to help couples link together during the marriage ceremony-rich month of June.

For more information, visit to purchase for $19.99.