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See also: website is a great resource for career and educational material

The website is a trusted resource for children and teens that features career and educational material.  If you haven't checked it out, you're missing a lot of great information!
Megan March

Sometimes young people don’t see the important link between doing well in school and getting into their career of choice until later, when good study habits haven’t been imprinted and opportunities to take certain classes were missed along the way. To help educate our youngsters from kindergarten to eighth grade about various educational and career topics, the Federal government offers a plethora of information on their website.

For example, the most recent video available is an interview with a United States Marine pilot, which includes information about how to get into that career field. If you ask most young people what they think is an important subject in school when it comes to being a pilot, they may not know or realize that it’s math until they hear from someone working in that field. Another career-related video available on their website is about becoming a veterinarian and how important it is to work hard in all subjects at school, not just those that deal with animals or the field of science.

Learning about those two career fields are just the tip of the iceberg as the website features an A-Z list of jobs in different occupational areas that includes salary information, educational requirements, and the job outlook along with the usual information of what people in those jobs do and how to get into the field. In addition, the website has a YouTube channel where kids can check out a day in the life of many different people in different career fields from a physical therapist to an oceanographer.

The website is not only a great educational resource, but a great place for kids to learn about their potential future career. What better time than the Labor Day holiday weekend to check out this great resource to help our kids get the information they need about the career path they’re interested in? That way, they can start the school year with a plan to work hard and begin learning what they need to know to get into the career path they’re interested in pursuing.

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