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Kids flex their muscles at Kidville in Las Vegas

Kids flex their muscles at Kidville.
Kids flex their muscles at Kidville.
Courtesy of Kidville

While London is hosting the summer Olympic Games, in Las Vegas, Kidville is offering classes for budding athletes to flex their muscles in their very own gym. Kidville is the ultimate indoor learning playground for kids in Southern Nevada. Located in Summerlin inside Tivoli Village, kids learn through exploration and play. Building confidence and fostering physical, social and cognitive growth, Kidville's gym classes also build coordination, agility, strength and balance.

Kidville in Las Vegas offers a wide range of activities that kids crave.
Courtesy of Kidville

Gym classes range from programs for little babies, on up to six-year-olds. Older kids have the opportunity to test their skills on the uneven bars, vault, and balance beam. Curiosity will lead them to navigate through challenging obstacle courses, lift and stack giant blocks, jump on the Tumbl Trak, ride the indoor zipline, and play on the indoor swings.

Unstoppable toddlers will build their muscles, imagination and confidence, as teachers guide their busy bodies through new skills, group activities, games and songs.

To develop babies' little muscles, the program prepares and teaches grown-ups how to support developmental stages of growth by working on inclines, balls and tunnels, as they make their moves from sitting to standing and crawling to cruising.

While gym classes are popular among active tikes, Kidville also offers classes in music and dance, art, sports, enrichment and Camp Kidville. The all-indoor facility is a perfect spot to enjoy a wide range activities during the hot summer - and all year long. For more information, visit