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Kids & Culture: The Chicago Shakespeare Theater

The Emperor (Don Forston) annouces a state of emergency. Photo by Michael Brosilow.
The Emperor (Don Forston) annouces a state of emergency. Photo by Michael Brosilow.

Growing up with a single parent, money was tight, but my mom always managed to take me to see a play (thanks to Hot Tix) or a visit to one of Chicago's many museums. And as an adult, I now treasure those moments and those experiences  because I know how much they have shaped me as an adult, as a writer, and as a mother. It's the one thing, I want to give to my daughter, is that love and that enjoyment of culture. You never know how a seed planted now, will grow later.


This weekend we went to see The Emperor's New Clothes at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier. And it was everything you'd expect from a CST production, it was just first rate on all levels -- performances, costumes, and music.  I was utterly charmed by the costumes, I know, Emperor's New clothes better have some fun costumes, right? They were just so lush and added to the over all humor of the piece. I have to tell you, between you and me, the Oversecretary played by Mark David Kaplan, Intersecretary played by George Andrew Wolff, and the Undersecretary played by Jarrod Zimmerman stole the show.



My husband and I, also appreciated the new adaptation by Alan Schmuckler and David Holstein. We love seeing modern twists on classics, especially when they are so clever incorporating by carbon footprints and text messaging into Hans Christian Andersen. The run time is 75 minutes with no intermission and the musical runs at a fun, brisk pace the kids are held in rapid attention the entire time, so you want have to worry about them getting a case of the "fidgets". If you'd like to see a video preview, please click here.

The Emperor's New Clothes runs from now through August 29, 2010, tickets are $18 - $23, special discounts for groups of ten or more. The best part is all patrons receive a 40% discount on parking, so be sure to get your parking ticket validated. And there is a coupon in the playbill for Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Buy One, Get One Half Off, so you can treat the kids after the performance.