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Kids bowl free all summer, $40 adds four adults: 2014 Two games per day

Keep the kiddos busy this summer with the free bowling program
Keep the kiddos busy this summer with the free bowling program

One of the biggest challenges is keeping the kiddos busy and active throughout the summer. Unfortunately, daily activities can quickly put a family over budget. That is where the Kids bowl free summer program steps in!

Locally, children can bowl two games per day absolutely free at any of the 37 participating Washington locations. Each family can register up to six children to bowl free with the individual alleys choose the age limit (usually 15 or 18) for the free program. What a wonderful opportunity for kids to have fun while being active.

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To make this into a terrific family deal, the centers are offering a family plan (for just $ $39.95) where up to four adults, may bowl along with the registered kids. This is an inexpensive way for older siblings, parents, caretakers and/or Grandparents to bowl with the younger kids while getting in some exercise.

In order to participate, families first register with the participating bowling alley they plan to use. Families may register at more than one location but must do so with different emails. This is a great opportunity for kids that either split time between two parents or who often visit Grandparents who are closer to different bowling alleys. Friends and families in other states can simply click on their state to locate participating locations in their areas.

Bowling For Dummies

Note: Bowlers still need to pay to rent their shoes (price varies according to alley chosen) or wear purchased ones. You can always take the shoe rental fee, figure out how often you will go is and then see if you can find a cheap pair of bowling shoes for less than the rental. Buying a pair makes sense if your kiddos plan on going all summer. These fun kids bowling shoes are less than $30, and these plaid ones are super cute for teens. Another option is to check thrift shops, eBay or place an ad on Craig list to locate a used pair.

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