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Kids bike helmets – it’s the new style!

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Most young children think it’s neat to wear a helmet. Kinda like playing policeman / fireman. It’s great to see parents slapping the noggin’ shells on their offspring. A new idea for helmets has hit the market in full swing. The new style in helmets are contours of animals and cartoon characters.

This is a wave of genius. An untapped market. Would a girl prefer a bland Giro helmet with many air slots or a neat pink one that looks like a fairy? Or a boy deciding between a black Bell helmet or a blue one with a superhero on it. No contest.

These helmetx are Snell approved. Snell is a testing group that swings weights at helmets and sees if they are really useful. Many don’t; pass. Adult helmets and even motorcycle helmets get these rigorous tests. No pass – no can sell!

The next time your kids or grandkids want to extend off their training wheels, take them to the store and seek these novel helmets. They will want to put down their tablets and get outside for some real exercise.

As a postscript, I think helmets should cover the chin area. While current helmets are good for side and back falls, what about the over the handlebar falls? I think the motocross type should be encouraged. But we’re lucky to have people put anything at all on their heads.

Carpe Diem!
Rick Deutsch