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Kids belong outdoors

kIds belong outdoors
kIds belong outdoors
Lyn Lomasi

From the time they were infants, I've always made sure to immerse my children in the great outdoors. The fresh air, sights, sounds, and adventures are all essential to peace and to survival. I truly believe that kids belong outdoors. So do adults, but that’s a point for another time. It is in the outdoors where kids learn to find peace. They also learn there how to survive.

We come from nature and need to be one with nature and this includes people of all ages, right from the start. Weather permitting, when my children were infants, we'd sit outside taking in the fresh air or I'd take them for a stroll on nature trail so they could enjoy the sights from the baby stroller. Now we walk on nature trails, lay under the stars, lie on a hill and watch the clouds, go camping the “real” way (without campers or cabins or other modern conveniences), and so much more.

Don't just take them outside, though. Make it an adventure, as well as a learning experience. Talk about the scenery, the smells, the sounds, everything. We like to identify animal tracks, observe the creatures in their natural habitats, and more. Let the kids get dirty. Give them a scavenger hunt to keep busy with. Learn how to use maps, a compass, a whistle, to start a campfire, and other important safety tools and tips.

As you can see in these pictures, we don't just walk past nature and point at it. We get right into the thick of it and thoroughly enjoy it, much like our ancestors once did. Some people seem to have lost this important part of who we are. Nature is a part of each and every one of us and if we start this habit early with our kids, we can help make sure it doesn't get lost in the future.

Do you and your kids or grand-kids enjoy nature? What are some of the things you like to do?

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